Climate Imperative launches to urgently cut global greenhouse emissions and secure a better future for all

The climate is in crisis. Solutions are within our grasp, but only if we make near-term policy decisions that rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially in the highest-emitting regions of the world.  

Immediately reducing carbon emissions is the difference between a livable and unlivable tomorrow—the focus of a new public charity, the Climate Imperative Foundation. Climate Imperative, led by some of the world’s foremost experts, works with grantees to promote policy outcomes that can help prevent the worst impacts of climate change, advance equity, and secure our future.  “Climate Imperative is committed to changing the trajectory of global emissions,” said Climate Imperative Executive Director Bruce Nilles. “We focus on the near-term policy decisions in major-emitting geographies that offer the greatest greenhouse gas reductions alongside important health, environmental, and equitable economic benefits.”

Climate Imperative grantees are experienced and effective organizations that have proven their ability to affect critical policy decisions around climate.  “Our global scope and pinpoint focus set Climate Imperative’s work apart,” said Climate Imperative Senior Director Mary Anne Hitt. “We identify the most important upcoming climate policy decisions globally, fund experts and allies who are best able to inform those decisions, and advance public health and equitable solutions.”

The Climate Imperative team brings decades of experience in cutting emissions and a formidable track record of success to bear on this challenge. We meld deep knowledge, strategic capability, technical expertise and a dedication to serve our partners and the environment.

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