our mission

cut global carbon emissions at speed and scale—to secure a better future for all
The truth is known. And it is sobering: The climate is in crisis. The consequences of inaction are extreme, irreversible, are already being felt deeply. Reducing carbon emissions is critical, and it’s imperative that we act now. With time in short supply, we need not just good ideas, but powerful solutions with speed and scale. We must focus on the near-term policy decisions that will do the most to drive large-scale deployment of clean technologies.

Partnering with and supporting experienced on-the-ground organizations, Climate Imperative provides funding, technical support, and expertise to inform the most important climate policy decisions.

Today’s policy decisions are the difference between a livable and unlivable tomorrow. Our imperative is clear: We must shift to a sustainable future.

our values



We are energized by the magnitude of our mission and united by a desire to make a serious difference. We aim to win substantial carbon reductions as quickly as possible.

Happy Latin American boy playing outdoors at a farm and running on the road - lifestyle concepts


Climate change is one of the most urgent equity issues of our time. Within our teams and in our work, we are dedicated to achieving not just a sustainable world, but a more equitable one.

Female engineer wearing hardhat standing with digital tablet against other engineers and wind turbine on sunny day and looking at camera


We support and respect the organizations with whom we partner. We take an earnest and open-minded approach to our work, seeking feedback and adapting to increase our efficacy. As an organization, we seek results, not recognition.

Two rope access technicians doing wind turbine blade inspection and waving with sun behind


With time in short supply, we must concentrate our efforts on the actions that matter most. This requires analytical rigor and tough choices about where we can make the biggest difference.

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